Beweging als fundament


You are the leader, but I’ll help you get started.

In six months, I’ll teach you to be the master of 5 key elements in your lifestyle: Movement, nutrition, relaxation (during the day and sleep), sport and motivation.

You won’t be able to do all this perfectly from the start, so in the first period I will be the leader and in time you will slowly take over.


The mix of experience and science.

Science teaches us a great deal about how our body and mind work but there’s a difference between knowing what’s good for you and actually doing so. In our teamwork we will work on a scientific basis, using your daily life as a realistic context.
We will design a customized lifestyle plan that works for you, personally. My years of experience in permanently changing lifestyles enable me to relate this to your busy daily life.


Movement as basis

Movement as your daily basis.

Only when you actually start moving, there will occur processes in your body and mind that will enable you to continue moving. This reinforcing effect is well-known. This is precisely why it’s important to know the difference between movement and sports. Movement is a daily action that doesn’t require sports clothing and that we will integrate in your life.
Sport is also an essential element for an energetic life, but it isn’t necessary on a daily basis.

Stop met jezelf voorbij rennen

Ontvang in één week 5 korte en effectieve ontspanning- en bewegingstips die passen in jouw drukke agenda!